Friday, May 23, 2008

What a week...

One of those weeks that held enough delights to last a month. Released by Maggie I spent a lot of time on Sunday playing with Paint Shop Pro and this is one of the transformations I achieved, I would like to think that I might be able to use it as a base for something textile.

This was the original photograph and this

is what I finished with.

On Wednesday I played hookey from my usual golf game and went to London for the day. First visit was the Royal Academy for the Cranach Exhibition I had never really heard about this artist but saw that is was on on when I went to the From Russia. I was so pleased that I did. Initially I went in without an audio guide but I soon returned to the desk to get one. One of Cranach strengths was his attention to detail of costume and the audio guide highlighted some of these like the slashing on a knuckles of a pauir of gloves.
Very little costume here.... but just look at the veil. Magic!!

I had a lovely wander after the exhibition (probably walked twice as far as on my golf game) and then to end the day I went to see The Jersey Boys

Great night out, not just the music and it was amazing just how many you knew but also the way is is presented you learn so much about the individuals who made up the Four Seasons. If you like musicals this is a good site to get some tasters.

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