Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bits and pieces.

Memos for me....and perhaps for you... still worried about losing things again. The only stuff I have is what I had on the web.

The first rose of summer(though summer seems to have disappeared again), colour is just about right on my monitor. If anyone has any idea what this one is called I would be grateful to know. We must have bought it but neither of us can remember where or when. This is its second year.

First of all, Susan has launched a new round of Cyber Fyber for people who missed out last time.
Incidentally one of the things I lost was my picture of the postcard I sent to Cyber Fyber, I didn't publish it because I wanted to be sure Susan liked it enough to use it before I put it on my blog.

Just look at the designs Beth Robinson has created doodling with circles.

Thanks to The Embroideress I have just found this great colour site.

Sharon has been at it again, she has created a site Stichin' Fingers where we can meet and discussto our hearts content.

A couple of questions for you.....

Why are the mens clothes in M&S prettier colours than the womens?

How many "bags for life" do you own? At the last count I had 17, most of which are on the back seat of the car when I get to the checkout!!!


muralimanohar said...

When my computer crashed last year, the only pictures of crafts were what I was able to salvage off of other sites where I had posted them, and even then, I lost a bunch since it had been so long ago. I mourn the kids' pics the most, though, but I had a few stuck in albums for sharing with family, so I didn't lose EVERYTHING. Still hurs, though. :(

What's "bags for life"?

Pat said...

"bags for life" are an effort to reduce the number of plastic bags in the world. You buy a strong quality bag and when it wears out the supermarket will replace it free of charge.

Purple Missus said...

I will only have 1 bag for life now after having to pay 99p in M&S last week - I was gobsmacked :)

Jan said...

Bags for life! Hmmm that made me smile. Being very passionate about the whole concept, I also have more than I can count but I am constantly forgetting to take them out of the car. So each time I shop I buy MORE bags for life!!! So the problem is not really the bags but the MEMORY!!!