Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A coffee, a tea and a hot chocolate.......

I had another good day on Saturday, when I met up with Lynda and Sharon from Calendar Girls 2008. We met at Sharon's exhibition at the Frensham Rural Life Cantre. For me, conversation with two people who's work I admire was a great treat, here we are
. This photograph was taken by Sharon's husband Mike who had some wonderful wildlife photographs on show,you can see more here, take a look in his gallery and watch out for my favourite, the sheep.
You can't have a day out without goodies, this is one of Sharon's beautiful art cards

and this is a card from Shirley who was showing her beautiful lino cuts.She is under persuasion to start a blog.

It was a good day, I look forward to the next time we can meet and hopefully some of the other CGs will be able to make it too.


Purple Missus said...

I can see this photo is going to haunt me forever - no wonder they offered me senior citizens rates **LOL**
It was really good meeting up with you too Pat - I wish I could share you with everyone else :)

sharon young said...

Hi Pat
Glad you enjoyed the exhibition, our meet was a great treat for me too, it was so nice to talk face to face.
Thank you for your B-day good wishes, I had a great day.