Friday, January 05, 2007

I would like to say thank you to the people who have taken the time to comment on my stitching. Elizabet asked how I did the curves and I found I didn't really know. I made the sketch as I had this image of a looped ribbon and then I started the stitch in the usual way and just let the design dictate where the needle should go.

I love it when whatever I'm working on takes over. It is almost like it is saying "you could do this and then you could do that" and I run to find the bits I need to do its bidding. I had that experience a lot when taking Sharon's Encrusted CQ class and it was really exciting.

One of the things I have found so far with TAST is that it has kick started me into other things and my head is buzzing with things I want to try.

Amy has some beautiful postcards on her blog which is one of the things I have been trying out.

Blogger doesn't seem to want to do pictures at the moment so I will add later.


Elizabet said...

Thankyou for the comment on my herringbone! Please feel free to stitch the name on!

The textured stuff was such fun (and relaxing!) to do especially as its all irregular and therefore doesn't need careful counting and things ;)

I know what you mean about the piece taking over! I ended up thinking 'ah, what can i fit in that space there?'

Look forward to seeing more of your work on T.A.S.T!

Susan said...

I enjoyed reading your thinking process, seeing the sketch, and then the finished project. Looks interesting and different!