Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back to class

I cannot believe that the first week of January is gone, Christmas seems weeks ago. Time is a very peculiar thing, goes to fast when you have things to enjoy and stands still when you want it to pass quickly.

Sharon has done her first round up of the TAST samples.( amazing woman how does she cram it all in?) I have been following Flickr and my bloglines sites all week and I am just bowled over by the variety and and the expertise. Some are so inventive and others exquisite in their neatness(a quality I lack). I don't want time to go any quicker but I am dying to see what's next.

Apart from neatness one of the things I'm bad at is retaining instructions. I have been making the same pudding on Christmas day for about 35 years but I still have to get the recipe book out. My usual trick is one I've done something I think I have it licked so I launch in and do it again and invariably leave out some crucial step, this applies to cooking, creative techniques, whatever.... It is therefore with relief that I can turn to the excellent note from Sharon as I start my next CQ block.
I bought the fairy fabric at the Knitting and Stitching show last year. The reason for the rather odd shape of the fairy pictures is that I wanted the whole "fairy ring"

Now to those notes...ah yes!...seam about a nice herringbone....................

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