Saturday, March 17, 2018

So that was February....

...and now it is nearly Spring.  The much vaunted "Beast from the East" cold weather kept us indoors for a week,  Funny thing was that although you sometimes think it would be lovely to be stuck in so that you could try all those things you've been you've been promising yourself when it actually happens do nothing.I was not the only one who found this, don't know whether it was the cold or the dullness but all creative juices seemed to freeze.

The first day was sunny and pretty
I moved to the living room to work but even with a six foot table to work on still managed to end up with the same minute working space.

Has a day with the girls where we did a little collaging,  Mine are on the bottom row,
I have made two micro mini journals but haven't photographed them yet. 

 We managed to catch  Darkest Hour    and felt that Gary Oldman's Oscar was well deserved. It has been a good year for films so far this year.

Waiting now for the clocks to go forward and the weather to warm up.

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