Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Congratulate me.......

........yesterday I managed to throw away 5 pieces of paper from my stash.  I am hopeless, just can't let go.

I have, however finished another journal, this one took a turn towards the dark.  I blame the weather. I did make a video but it was too big to upload here.  I will have to fathom out the You Tube thing.
The cover is cotton with a layer of matte medium, the photograph is part of the ruins at Nymans with a bit of digital manipulation.

 Intended for the owner to write there own story with photo suggestions of characters, plot and locations.

 What strange things are in the jars?
 Strange writings

 Real or ghost?
 Villain/Hero? No tale complete without strange housekeeper.

On evening I went to see Hamilton I arranged to meet my daughter at Victoria station, coming down the escalator I was struck with the Lowry-esque scene in front of me, so I went back up the escalator so I could come down again to take this.

Last year the City of Hull was the City of Culture .  A young friend of mine registered as a volunteer. One of her reasons was because I so bitterly regretted not volunteering for the 2012 Olympic volunteers because I thought I would be too old. She found herself taking in part in many events and this is one of them.

Lastly, do you think I have found one of my ancestors.
 Star of the excellent Early Man

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