Sunday, August 16, 2015

Childhood revisited....

Yesterday's conversations were peppered with "Oh, I had one of those"...."Do you remember?"......we visited the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.  Our main reason for visiting was the exhibition of Dolls Houses but the rest of the exhibits evoked many memories.
In the entrance hall there was an installation "Winifrid's Party" created by local school children.
It certainly looked a lot of fun.
Delicious food
an elegant hostess and friend

and unusual guests

The dolls houses were wonderful, you could spend a day on each to take in all the details.  They were arranged in a time order starting in the 1700's.

One little girl had to sign an indenture drawn up by her father, promising to pay one shilling a month rent and not to light any fires. 
Originally for the amusment of grown ups this wonderful cabinet must have delighted the ladies in the drawing room.
The needlepoint on the chair and the fire screens must have taken exceptional eyesight and patience.

I am not sure I would have trusted the water heater for this shower.
It was difficult to bear in mind that everything in these early house had been made by hand, such wonderful workmanship.

The butler seems to have done quite well for himself.
This house was unusual as it opened from both sides.
and this one would have required a very large nursery.

Unmistakably the 1930's. this one
 Complete with sun terrace, swimming pool and tennis court.

 Just one more house to show, the 1940's, complete with Lloyd Loom chair and one bar electric fire.

The exhibition ends on the 6th September, so glad I caught it. The rest of yesterday's trip in next post.

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