Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer delights........

the trouble with the summer months is that there is always so much on and usually at the same time, so you have to pack it in when you can.

Last week we visited the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy and Art in Action at Waterberry near Oxford. Both were very good days out.

I really enjoyed the Summer Exhibition this year, I loved treatment of the walls in the main rooms, vivid turquoise and shocking pink which really made the paintings pop. All the paintings can be found on line this year so if you can't visit you can at least have a flavour,

This was the treatment of the main staircase (usually just bare stone) by Jim Lambie .

I could have spent the morning photographing from all angles. The highlight for me had to be Tom Phillips' The Humument". 
This is just a small section of this incredible work.
 It needs an exhibition of its own. Or perhaps he would like to lend it to me!  Go here to see it in detail.
From art on the wall to art in action.  Fascinating to watch highly skilled people from painters to jewellers as they work. The first to catch our attention was this young lady who turns newspapers in to thread and then creates garments with it.
The beginning of a portrait. Loved the Van Gogh hat.
a few things from the "Best of the Best" marquee.
Carved from one piece of wood..
A map of London
A ceramic garden
Exquisite painting
Every tried needle felting?
My absolute favourite by Lisa Wisdom  Fascinating story.

You can see three other favourites here
There were a lot of dogs at Art in Action which pleased my friend greatly.

Right what next?

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