Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Coming out of hibernation.....

....that's what it feel like. Lovely sunshine in the garden today, mainly tidying and a little bit of planting. We even had lunch outside, though we didn't linger too long when a haze came over the sun and a little breeze nipped to remind us that Spring hasn't started yet (in spite of what the weather men would have you bellieve). I loved these at our local Millbrook Garden Centre, they have made a bird watching hide in one part of the garden  and these are on the walls.

I thought they were charming and could be converted to stitch I think.
 This was the name of the artist.

I have added a couple of things to my To Do list.
One is to visit Two Temple Place where there is an exhibition  "Cotton to Gold"  until the 19th April.  This is an exhibtion of works from Lancashire Museums,  being a Lancashire lass
, it is a must.
The second came to my notice  thanks to a friend.  Punctured Perspectives, work of Kirstie Macleod  at the Rook and Raven described as 50 Embroideries, 15 Countries, 1 Dress follow the link for a full desciption, sounds wonderful. this is on until 4th April.

We are hoping to fit one of these in this weekend, feel ages since I've been up to town.  Like I said......coming out of hibernation.

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