Friday, January 23, 2015


or for the young "that was the week that was", (a satirical TV programme in the early sixties)

For me it just sums up how quickly the weeks pass.  Last Sunday we took a trip to Farnham, Surrey for  the Quilters Exhibition and Fabrics January Sale. I didn't know there was that much quilting material in the world. It was an amazing experience, if you think the Knit and Stitch is busy, you should try getting round this event.  I didn't really need any material but I couldn't resist the "scrap" bags which were perfect for my hexagon quilt which is growing (slowly but definitely growing).

It was also an opportunity to meet up with Sharon I met online  in the Calendar Girls 2008 postcard challenge, Sharon has a wonderful shed on her allotment which I covert. Lovely to catch up.

One of the other highlights of the day was an exhibition by Creative Cloth Doll Makers of Farnborough, Surrey.
Meet Fagin

and I liked these smart circus figures

but this was the star.  A Steampunk Crow .His tag reads "Keep Calm and Carrion"
In the middle of the week we had a play day.  Using cotton reels and keys. This was the table,
This was the result of my labours.  No practical use whatsoever.  What fun.

This wasn't this week but I thought you might like these photographs to play with. Part of the roof at the New Kings Cross Station

and I loved the colours in this, the Garrick Theatre facade.

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