Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Childhood visits........

I have spent the last two days immersed in stories.
  The first was the film of "Into the Woods", Stephen Sondheim's  weaving of well known fairy stories into an exploration of the aftermath of "happily ever after". I love the music and  I enjoyed it immensely but I didn't have the same emotional reaction that I have had in the past watching it in live theatre. "Be careful what you wish for..."
Into the Woods (2014) Poster
Last night, however, was a very different.  .  We went to see "The Railway Children", a live performance with real train at Kings Cross Theatre. I was completely engaged.  Excellent acting by all, clever direction full of those little touches which lift productions out of the ordinary, an evening I am sure I will remember. For those of you that love the book or remember the film, the "Daddy, my Daddy" moment was wonderful.  I have to mention my daughter's god daughter(the reason we went) who was one of the Perks children and did it very well.

One more story this evening, (everything comes at once).  "Love on the Dole" at our local little theatre. "Something completely different" as they say but something I am looking forward to.
Love on the Dole

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