Monday, October 27, 2014

How on earth......

......did I ever find the time to go to work?  This month has flown by with visits to The Knit and Stitch, a visit from my sister-in-law, a couple of theatre trips and yesterday a work shop with Cas Holmes at the lovely Sew Not Strawberry Jam. Not to mention my own knitting and stitching while feeding my two addictions American Football and Strictly Come Dancing.

For the first time ever I didn't take my camera to Ally Pally but if I had I would have taken photographs of the work of the wonderfully imaginative work of   Ann Small. and the delightful whimsy of Catherine von Isenburg

While my SIL was visiting we took a trip to Scotney Castle which hadn't quite donned all it's autumn glory but still looked beautiful.

 The theatre trips were to see two local amateur societies excellent productions of "Half a Sixpence" and "Hairspray". 
Yesterday was a real treat, a workshop with Cas Holmes. The lovely Sam welcomed us with coffee and I could see her wonderful ginger lemon cake so I was happy. Sew Not Strawberry Jam is becoming one of my favourite places, I just wish it was a little nearer..  I love the workroom
As does Sam's cat.

 Out side there are geese and hens and sheep and a lovely little garden, Didn't have time to take many photographs as the workshop was full on, took this through the window,

The first thing we had to do was go outside and draw, scary, I do not do drawing from real.  First surprise of the day, I managed something that looked like something. This is it after adding another element of the lesson and a serendipity meeting with my wet work on the way home.
We went on the compile the pages of a book based on our original drawing.  Because of the time constraint of the day I will have to finish my book here at home but I really enjoyed the day and found some of the techniques and ideas exciting. This was part of my work in progress.
Cas brought some of her own beautiful books,

You can see more of her work here

I'll get round to talking about the knitting and stitching later in the week (I hope).

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