Monday, September 22, 2014

Humungous catch up.......

Sitting in my very tidy(still) workroom I decided to catch up on the Documented life for the last couple of weeks.  When I started to scan them in I found I had not "documented" since Wk 26. So here are the rest.
Wk 27 - Add a crossword puzzle
Wk 28 - Add an Instagram or any other tiny photo to your page.
Wk 29 - Make a wish list, draw pictures or cutout images from a magazine. (old collage of me)
Wk 30 - Add recipes, business cards - a mash book page.  (I made cards that flip in alll directiosn)
Wk 31 - create a pocket - fill it with treasures from your week.(this flips too)
Wk 32 - Incorporate a fortune cookie fortune.(not available so looked some up)
Wk 33- Use you under paper in a creative way.(No under paper, used gelli..not very creatively)
Wk 34 - Fill page with numbers related to your week.(Hope it adds up!)
Wk 35 - Draw sketch or doodle a face or cut out and alter one from a magazine.
Wk 36 - Black and White
Wk 37 -  Use a white pen predominately on your page. (This was fortuitous because I have only just noticed that I completely missed out Wk 36.)
Wk 38 - Draw, paint, doodle a feather onto your page.

Sorry Susanne, won't be there Saturday- NFL Fan Day in London.  Shoulder pads and helmets call.  Hope the Raiders fans will be there in all their glory.
Raiders fans will have 11,000 less seats to fill in 2013. (Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports)

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