Tuesday, August 27, 2013


is the month my young friend comes to stay and we go walking.  It was a bit delayed this year thanks to the fact that in July I missed the bottom step and ricked my ankle. I was worried that I would spoil her holiday by not being able to do long stints but it turned out I managed and in fact it seemed to make my ankle better.  Still not perfect but everything takes longer these days.
One of our first walks was to Hothfield Heathlands described as one of the few remaining fragments of open heath.  Land where, traditionally, cattle were grazed. We saw......
New trees growing from a fallen tree,
the longest horns I have every seen
and a grey horse in grass that looked like mist.
On other days we saw a sheep on a wall, in Sevenoaks
and in London a blue cockerel.

We found dream cottages in  Boughton under Blean and Dargate
 pub flowers

and a magnificent oak tree.

and what better way to end a day than with a sunset. London horizon from my bedroom window
 and fabulous every changing clouds.  I won't bore you with the other 20 odd shots I took.


Clare Wassermann said...

lovely. glad your ankle held up

Margaret said...

Thank you, Pat; I love touring England through your eyes -- and camera lens!

Sandy said...

Pat I loved your pictures and would love to see more. sorry about your ankle but it sounds like you were a real trooper. My husband and I love England and would dearly love to go back and stay for several weeks. Oh well - I can dream can't I.

sharon young said...

What lovely pics, and a great tour of our wonderful countryside, I'd be very happy to see more. Glad your ankle is on the mend, I know what you mean about everything taking longer these days.