Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Wet Friday.....

Yesterday it poured, all day,  but I had been invited to the workshop of a new musical so I boarded the bus and went to a part of London I had never been before.  I made it to The Hackney Empire in spite of the fact that the bus windows were completely opaque with condensation. The musical is  called "The Silver Sword" and is based on this book which I somehow missed out reading. I do hope it makes it to the big stage because even in workshop form I laughed and cried and I liked the music and would like to hear it again. Well worth the soaking.

Have you noticed, I have received a gold star for my "A" entry of the Craft Barn Alphabet Challenge. Very pleased.

We are going north for a week so I will have to contain my impatience at trying out this technique from Gelli Arts.

Have a good week.

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