Friday, December 07, 2012

 There has been a short intermission since I stared this post. Computer threw a hissy fit when I was perparing it.  I will publish as was and finish it later.
Yesterday was a hastily arranged visit to the  "Bronze" exhibition at the Royal Academy. How is it you know for ages that am exhibition is coming, has opened and then ....oh! it closes on Saturday! It was well worth the dash. We started the day with a look at Fortnum and Mason's windows. I am afraid I was a bit disappointd this year Dick Whittington hasn't enough tinsel and sparkle for me.

We did just pop in for a little masochisitic visit to the Food Department, the chocolate and the cakes and we wondered who buys a box of six Cristmas Crackers at £250???

The on to the RA.  You can see here the  figure of a Dancing Satyr, brought up in fishermans nets which opened the exhibition. I really loved this head by Constantin Brancusi
and  a small Giacommeti called  "the Cage"
So much to see, my only criticism was the labelling. The labels were about the A5 size and in a crowded exhibtion impossible to read.
After lunch we strolled through the Burlington Arcade
and onto Bond Street
Cartier had just wrapped the whole building.

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