Saturday, September 01, 2012


is my birthday month so for me, it is like New Year, a new beginning. Apart from the weather Summer has not been good with some health worries in the family. So I am trying to fill my mind. 
While I am waiting for the Spirit Cloth Diaries to begin I have been looking at all my bits and pieces that I have made while following Jude on Spirit Cloth. Some I have put aside for new projects and some I am trying to put to practical use. This "long cloth" had become a table runner.
A couple more pieces I think are going to become cushion covers. I have finished my Space cloth but I have to show it to some special people before I put it on here. Time now to unearth the Earth Cloth so I can work along with the Diaries.   Also need to re-organise my workroom it has become sadly neglected over the last few months.  I am writing all this like New Year resolutions to goad myself into getting on with it. 

PS.  for information to the BBC, Autumn does not begin on the 1st September. It begins with the Autumnal Equinox which this year is the 22nd September.


Margaret said...

Happy Birthday to you Pat; it's my Birthday Month too! Your table runner is so very different -- with its unity of blue and its different textures! I'm sure you'll enjoy the Diaries class.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Pat. So does this mean you celebrate for a whole month? I like the idea! Also liked your table runner, with all those thoughts sewn into it. Loved the flash mob video--take the music to the people. Bravo! See you over at Spirit Cloth Diaries.

sharon young said...

Beautiful runner, I think it has a Japanese feel.
Happy birthday month :-)

Stitchety Grub said...

LOL-Love your comment re: the BBC and the Spring beginning - whilst watching our ABC lady who is a presenter (Aussie) on our Paralympic show - she kept saying it's Autumn there - and I said to Hubby - Noooo the beginning of the seasons is different in the Northern Hemisphere than for us "down Under" - just cos Spring began Sept 1st here didn't mean Autumn had there - silly woman!!!