Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Play day.....

Yesterday was fun.  Inspired by this , Painting in the Round on Ro Bruhn's blog we decided to have a little go yesterday.  Just so we didn't get carried away we decided on a few rules, the shape would be circles and we would each only use two colours.    We painted for ten minutes and then moved round.  This is the first round.
A bite of lunch while it they dried off and then we added black for a bit of drama.

 It was very interesting how the first marks inspired the second and how different they all were.  Sparked loads of ideas for "next time" .Thanks girls.

Ro Bruhn is proving to be a bit of an inspiration  at the moment and hopefully assiting me to reduce the ridiculous amounts of "stuff" I have aquired over the last 20 years.but more of that later.

"Space" is coming along nicely and I will post soon, delighted that Jude is going to continue the Magic Diaries next year.

I was really thown in my blogging routine by the loss of Slide.  Still searching for an alternative.

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