Sunday, June 27, 2010

Spirit Cloth......

...the journey continues and I am having so much fun...after making my first two bases I turned to making same elements that could be added to a cloth.  Because of my new way of thinking I call these "little harmonies" because  they were little scraps of material that came together, almost by themselves.  

I could go on making these little pieces forever, it is wonderful to put your hand in a little bag of scraps and then find little pieces that just want to be together. But the object of the course is to start to make a "spirit cloth" so here is a first thought on a new base (I could go on making these forever too)

These was a thought here but the cloth had other ideas.  I will explain later.

Now for something completely different, take a look at the wonderful  work of  mixed media artist Lisa Kokin.

 and thanks to Janne Robberstad for this link

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Sharne Gregory said...

I was hoping to do this course but it was full, I shall watch your progress with interest. The pieces look lovely.