Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Wednesday, as I think I mentioned, I went to the Van Gogh Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art. Having left it too late to pre book a ticket I joined the queue, two and a half hours someone said, "no", I thought, " can't possibly be that long"...............................two and a half hours later I climbed the steps to the exhibition rooms!  Fortunately my time had been passed in conversation with two charming and very different gentleman.  I thank you gentlemen for your company and your fascinating conversation.

I loved the exhibition based on Vincent's letters to his brother Theo.  More than once I overheard the comment, that,  without Theo there would have been no Van Gogh!  The letter had wonderful little drawings where Vincent explained to Theo  the paintings he had just created.  In some cases, for me,  more touching than the paintings themselves.

Here is my contribution to this months Ideas of Inspiration, the theme is Yellow.  Who was, for me the master of yellow?  Van Gogh.  Here, with apologies to Vincent,  is my "Sun"

and from a Calendar Girls swap,  a couple of years back, some "Sunflowers".
From the sublime(Vincent's.... not mine) back to reality I am off to watch the first "debate" of the Party Leaders.!!!

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storybeader said...

love your sun over at Inspirations, and came by to figure out if it was done on canvas... or what! Glad you didn't have a boring standing in line... I probably would have had a book, and people would have been offended by me... {:-Deb