Sunday, April 11, 2010

Give a girl an idea......

My last post was about making fabric roses, this is my latest.. made from another of John Lewis' faux batik cottons and bits.

Lynda picked up on this, from myself and Doreen, being Lynda she took it to a whole different dimension.  Talk about outside the box.  Go look here.  Gorgeous.

On my "to do" list is a visit to the V&A to see the quilts exhibition which is on until July, having nearly missed the Van Gogh exhibition at the Royal Academy(more of this later)  I found this fascinating video while checking the dates and then wandering around the excellent V& A site. If you like quilts take a moment to look.  Tracy Chevalier wrote "Girl with a Pearl Earing" so I look forward to the book she was researching.

There is also,( heaven help us, I'll never get anything done),  a wall of quilts where you can add your own quilt. Here is one I recognised from the blogs I follow. Deb of More Whiffs, Glimmers and Leftovers


Quilt of Quilts

Stars Out of Place

Stars Out of Place

View this quilt on the V&A website
No wonder I'm always running out of time!!!!

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