Monday, November 16, 2009

More trees.......

Over the last two years my participation in the Calendar Girls swap has brought me many treasures and non more so than the card that arrived this morning from Pippa. The envelope would have been a more than saitisfactory interpretation of this months picture by Arthur Rackham chosen by Jenny

This is the envelope

Looks like a walk through an enchanted wood, but this is the card.

Click on the picture to get just a little feel for the wonderful texture of this little work of art.
And as though that were not enough these came scattering out of the envelope, found on the forst floor I'm sure.


Val said...

Talk about a Wonderland Pat - Pippa has captured it in all its magic, that's for sure. Lucky you!

hippopip said...

Thanks Pat for your generous comments,and a much better picture well done.