Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Idle hands......

The latest issue of Cloth Paper and Scissors arrived yesterday, perfect was a wet and horrible day so what better excuse to browse.  Near the back was an article by Sandy Steen Bartholomew using Zentangles, I love this form of doodling and haven't done it for a while. 

The first one turned itself into this rather pensive bird. I don't know if she is wondering if she is going to fall off the fence or what is going to emerge from the egg before it falls!

Turning the page in the note book I came to a page I had painted,  this was the result by bedtime.
This morning I scanned it in and then worked throught the effects menu in Paintshop Pro. Can you spot the dinosaur and the cute lttle house?

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Clare Wassermann said...

Ooh nice - I have just asked for a subscription to this magazine for Christmas - have you seen what Quilt Rat did with her doodle postcard on my blog?