Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ice and holes...

The Calendar Girl picture for July was chosen by Pippa
This is my take on it

I painted Tyvek with a rough impression of the image, zapped it and applied it to pale blue satin with freemachine stitching, coered in chiffon and given a beaded edge. It's on it's way to Sandy in America.
From the other side of the world came my Holey Moley lessons. These are few of the experiments.

I have to confess that I enhanced the colour a bit on this one.

After I had scanned this one I set it aside and then realised that it was tanding on a coaster which had a "hole" in it and the fact that it was standing made the hole on the paper look completely different.

And again this time catching a flower reflection.

I have been very frustrated because I can't do any the slash and burn stuff,(I am housing some EG stuff in my workroom at the moment and don't dare do anything near it) on the note of burning I took a trip to Art Van Go this week, on my (long) list was Kunin felt. Would you believe that the makers of Kunin felt have started to put a flame retardant in it. So it won't burn...... Now what are we going to do?


Guzzisue said...

ohh disaster!! unburnable Kunin felt, do they not realise what a market they have amongst us pyrotechnic textile nuts!!!!

Aussie Jo said...

I love the greeny/rust one. Is that on rag paper?? What sort of paints did you use??