Friday, July 31, 2009

Gifts and intruction....

We all know the internet is a wonderful way of bringing like minded people together but today I was able to go one better than that. This morning I met Britt of Stitchety Grub at the V&A museum in London. Our first task was to identify each other but as soon as I saw the stylishly dressed young woman I knew I had found her. Our second task was to have a cup of tea and exchange gifts. I was overwhelmed by this collection (all individually wrapped, people who know me will understand my marvelling)

Who could not be delighted with this wonderful collection, the gum tree fruit is destined for my Christmas tree, I loved the fabrics based on Aborigine art and the beautiful variegated silks and threads, hand dyed by Britt. There is a beautiful beaded guard for my embroider scissors, I am already in Britt's debt for my scissor keeper and needle case, and of course the wild woman brooch which I immediately added to my outfit.

After all this excitement we went to the Textile room. I have always admired lace but after Britt's knowledgeable explanation of howe it is made I am even more in awe.

We than became ladies who lunch and I was fascinated by how Britt juggles family and all her lace and textile interests.

We finished by admiring some diamonds and some chocolates in Harrods. We bought the chocolates.

A lovely day, with a lovely lady.


Genie said...

Hi Pat
glad you had a lovely time, and some lovely goodies,

Anonymous said...

lucky you - wonderful gifts and a great day out. i notice she included some colourstreams threads - they are my absolute favourite - especially the silk perle.

Clare W said...

What an absolutely marvellous day out. Glad you enjoyed it so much! xx