Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monet and me.....

I was delighted with Doreen's choice for the May Calendar Girls challenge. This was the picture she chose.

This was a Monet I had never seen before, I thought the colours quite unusual as I generally think of his paintings as being greens and mauves and pinks. Years ago I was fortunate to live in Paris for a while. This was before the new museum at the Quai d'Orsay(which I must visit one day). One of my favourite walks was to the the Jeu de Paume museum on the Place de La Concorde which housed Impressionist paintings and to the Orangerie which housed Monets huge canvases Les Nympheas that made you feel as though you were underwater.
You can visit here Thanks for stirring some lovely memories Doreen.
So here is my card for Susan

I painted canvas and then applied velvet "lillies" and filled in the background with different weights of thread.


Genie said...

Beautiful work Pat

hippopip said...

Great Card lucky Susan

Helen Suzanne said...

lovely work Pat.
I think monet had a yellow phase of painting as his eyesight deteriorated with cataracts - poor guy.

Purple Missus said...

You've obviously put a lot of handwork into this one Pat and its paid off - looks wonderful.

Love your new header by the way. Very striking against the black.

Clare W said...

That is such a beautiful atc. Is it hand stitched? So lovely I could eat it. xx