Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Unicorn......

When I first went to Paris many years ago one of the first things I did was to go the Musee de Cluny which is now known as the Musee National de Moyen Age (and from the website demands another visit soon). The purpose of my visit was to see the wonderful tapestries known as the Lady and the Unicorn,

Picture from Wikipedia

These beautiful mythical, white animals are what my minds eye knows to be a unicorn, until that is I saw the picture for the February Calendar Girls Challenge chosen by Sandy

What an amazing bejewelled creature. How to interpret this fascinating picture by artist Vaclav Vaca? (You can see more of his work
Then the battle began, the one between the Lion and the Unicorn
The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown
The lion beat the unicorn all around the town.
Some gave them white bread, and some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum cake and drummed them out of town.

had nothing to what went on in my head.
There were many false starts and then I had this,

I layered coloured silks and made the "corn" out of twisted ribbon and braid, now while this looked alright with a frame round it I could see that it wasn't going to work as a postcard and I was still stuck with the imoveable idea that a unicorn should be white. So here it is

Thank you for the comments on THE horse, perhaps it would look better with a horn!


hippopip said...

Its wonderful Pat and yes I have always thought of unicorns as white ,so it is perfect for me many thanks.

sharon young said...

You lucky thing, I read Tracy Chevalier's book - The Lady and the Unicorn and was totally captivated, I would love to visit the museum and see them for real, you'll see we were both on the same track when i finish my PC.
I like your false start too, it's very effective in colour, but the white one is more dramatic.

Seth said...

Exquisite piece!

Sabii Wabii said...

What an interesting piece.