Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Angel it ain't........

It's a b***** big horse that's what it is. This is what the great and the good have decided that we should have towering over us. This what I believe is laughingly called, an artist's impression. Of course it already shows the beauty of our electricity pylons!!!!!

What are they thinking of!! Can you imagine what this monster is going to look like covered in graffitti, that before the counties pidgeons get to work. How pleasant it will be on a summer's day to lay on your back and stare up at its intimate places!!!!

It isn't even a Kentish horse or Horse of Kent, whatever, this is what the real thing looks like. This is the Kent county coat of arms.

Kent is my adopted county so many would think I can have no opinion but I can tell you there are many things in this county that could do with £2,000,000 pounds being spent on them.

PS I love the Angel of the North.
Picture from Wikipedia no copyright breach intended


Stitchety Grub said...

Hi Pat
Oh my gawd that is a big horse! ... Australia is the land of the "big" things ... about 3 hours South of Perth in Wagin there is a Giant Ram!! (sheep country) Queensland has the giant Pineapple - a giant lobster in South Aus - Big Banana in Coff's Harbour New South Wales - big ant in Broken Hill - in fact if you google "Big things in Australia" there are heaps! who knew? hehe I like the one in "Wentworth" a big wine cask haha
Britt :-D

Clare W said...

indeed! WHAT is artistic about scaling up a Barbie/Cindy plastic horse and plonking it in the natural landscape.

Anonymous said...

Pat,you took the words out of my mouth !


Anonymous said...

well Britt has mentioned Australia being famous for big things - can a add a cautionary tale or two for your local govt authority. Years ago a town in NSW decided to make a Big Potato (which they are famous for growing)- it was a disaster and was known as the big poo (or something a bit more rude). Rockhampton in Qld is beef country and they have the big bull. he is regularly turned into a bullock (if you get my meaning) by people who are keen to own a great big set of concrete bull bits. im sure the English are way more mature than us and wont want to do the same to your stallion. its a fairly lame idea really.

Julie said...

I'm with you Pat. I love The Angel of the North too but this horse looks ridiculous. Everyone seems to be into this thing lately of having a sculpture or whatever as a mark of identity.

Leslie said...

My sentiments exactly, in this econimic is stupid..