Friday, August 22, 2008

Yes it's the silly season.......

This months TIF was about balance. So here I am on top of the world trying to balance the important things in my life.

I printed an image of my face and a background I had made onto cotton, same with the eath and the the "balls". I then assembled the doll which is based on the chia doll, you can find a printable template here. The earth is slightly padded.

Added note. The silly season obviously affected my spelling/typing as pointed out by a dear friend.


Guzzisue said...

love it and thanks for the link-will investigate the site

sharon young said...

Brilliant idea , Pat, it works really well, I think it'll strike a cord in all of us.

Cyber Fyber said...

I love this piece! I feel like it on most days....happy, excited, and trying to balance all the important things in life. It's a tough act but your work really captures the true essence of it all! Thanks for sharing this.
PS Today I'm creating the ATC labels for the upcoming CYBER FYBER exhibition...which brought me by your blog! Talk about a balancing act! Trying to organize this exhibition as well as create personal artwork, work, family, etc....I'm going to keep in mind the joy of your work as a mental reminder of the correct attitude! Also, I stitched down the lovely blue beads you sent. They're on Crazy Blues, a crazy quilt featuring Mamie Smith...the first Afro-American woman to record a Blues song...Crazy Blues! The beads are PERFECT! Thanks so very, very much!

Stitchety Grub said...

Fabulous Pat ... I think "you" look great :-) wish I could balance like that LOL
Britt Western Australia

Tony Morris said...

Is that Dartford 'eath then?

Purple Missus said...

And there was me thinking you meant 'ampstead 'eath *LOL*
Great representation Pat.
I'm sure you would look really good with beaded dreadlocks.:)