Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I think I have nearly fulfilled Sharon's challenge this month and have come to the conclusion that though I might like the results of change, I most certainly do not like the process!! I am offering the changes that have occured in this house this month.
The house is still in chaos, the actual decorating is finished and I think I like it but until the carpet is fitted on Thursday we won't know for sure. Then starts the long process of replacing the furniture, books, onaments etc. So about another week of unsettled living which we, not to mention the cat, have found stressful.
Just to add to the fun I broke my computer. Not quite sure what happened, I know I pulled out the wrong plug (thought I was dismantling lights) when it was switched on but apparently I have damaged the motherboard. Fingers crossed they can transfer some of the stuff but I won't know until the new one arrives next Friday (didn't want it until we are straight). Just some old holiday photos on this machine but you can't have a post without a picture so here is a foretaste of summer (I hope)


Debbs said...

Hi Pat, sorry to hear about your computer, know the feeling! I sent you an email but don't know if you got it. So the website about a box for postcards is:

MargB said...

Gorgeous roses

Stitchety Grub said...

Hi Pat - it sounds as though you have as much luck with computers as I do! The roses are a beautiful colour. I hope all goes well with your new puter!
Britt :D