Thursday, April 17, 2008

April Calendar Girls 2008.......

I wanted to do something special for the April challenge as my swap partner was Doreen who thought up the challenge in the first place. As I have already explained to her this immediately fried my brain, and that, and all the upheaval of the decorating (still ongoing) meant I just couldn't settle or come up with anything.

In the end I made three cards, this is the one Doreen chose

This is "paper" made from silk cocoon strippings and sprayed with inks.

These are the other two.

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Purple Missus said...

Pat, they are all wonderful. I love the blue one with the hearts, and the hand stitching on the bottom one too. But I think Doreen has chosen the best one :)
Good to see you back.Hope the decorating won't last much longer.