Thursday, February 08, 2007

Opus school exhibition

Good day yesterday, one of those clear crisp proper winter days, I popped up to London to visit the Opus School exhibition at the Mall Galleries at the bottom of the Mall. There was some wonderful stitching and, the pieces my daughter liked best, great felting. When I visit an exhibition like that part of me thinks "I will never thread a needle again" and then the other part comes rushing nome to try out something that has caught my fancy. Today it was material manipulated with lots of tiny running stitches. Here is what I played with last night. I am quite intrigued with it, it is a bit like scrumbling

I also made a quick visit to the National Portrait Gallery,one of the wonderful things about our museums that, unless it is a special exhibition, entrance is free so you can just pop in whenever you like for as long as you like which means as soon as you feel that "I can't take in anymore" feeling coming on you can leave. I find I now look at portaits with an eye for the textiles which are being represented and marvel at the way painters can convey satins and velvets, lace and rags, and I am always fascinated by the jewels.


Gail said...

Very cool...a new element for CQ, I can just see these with beads, french knots, and other stitches between the folds.

lisette said...

i know that exhibition induced despair very well! it also happens sometimes with magazines, especially quilting arts - i feel like a lumpen amateur..... but then something can fire me with inspiration - like your spiral stitching - i have been worrying away at how get a vortex effect with fabric and i might give a hand stitched spiral a try :)

Kyla said...

material manipulated........ Oh my it is wonderful. I have to try this.