Sunday, September 24, 2006

I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment. Chagall

I found this quote and thought how aptly it fitted my butterfly mind!! For my birthday my son gave me some new storage boxes for my workroom which promted a three day orgy of re-organisation. This was not without pain whilst I made myself throw things away(five bags for re-cycling) Then my room was finished and tidy my two desks were clear and I hadn't an idea in my head!!!!!!
After a few sterile days, as I mulled over how I could use all the goodies I have accumulated, a little seed began to grow. I have played about with crazy patchwork/quilting before, I made a bag to keep my needles and scissors handy.(see pic) I did a bit of surfing and was stunned by the wonderful work out there. Soooooooo I have started a quilt, I am making it in blocks so that I can do the hand sewing wherever. Further inspiration is going to come from a site I found this morning called In a Minute Ago. Sharon Boggon is the creator, she is just coming to the end of a wonderful series of 100 stitches for 100 days which I intend to follow (started back in June 2006). So as the saying goes watch this space................

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Kyla said...

This is fun watching your journey of stitches. I do love the bag.
Can't wait to read the rest.