Sunday, July 29, 2018

In case you were wondering.....

.....probably not but going about making a journal the wrong way, well for me anyway, had a very interesting out come.
 very blousy

journal which has nothing at all to do with Venice .
It never fails to fascinate me as to how the journal takes over and becomes what it wants to be,
Yesterday was a good day.  We went to a workshop at the Cockpit Arts studios in Deptford.  The subject was paper marbling and it was fun. Workshop was run by Lucy of Marmor Paperie  We started with just one colour and then went on to try several techniques and the day ended too soon. 
The first laughter of the day came when we looked at the aprons we had been given, summed us up perfectly, my meticulous friend and me.
Everything we needed was provided.

These are our first efforts.  There were six of us and, as you can see,  all had very different effects. 

These are our later efforts hanging out to dry.

Lucy was a good teacher and thanks also go to her friend who hung the papers so that we could get on with the exciting stuff.
 Hoping we will get the chance for another session sometime now we have the manner of it.
The long hot spell had finally broken and today we have rain.  It was funny to hear one of the children playing outside shouting, in great excitement, "It's raining".  Hope we don't now have too much to ruin everyone's holidays.

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