Sunday, January 14, 2018


... I can see the floor but I find it impossible to be as ruthless as I would like.
However play has been resumed with work on another journal, sort of a bit Gothic this one....the first page.

I have a new book, The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman.  I came across it on Carolyn Saxby's always beautiful blog .
She is planning to work though it along with her sister Evelyn Flint , they previously worked through one of my favourite books Surface Treatment Workshop  So I thought I would perhaps try and combine the two.
The first exercise is to make a collage in five minutes.  I'll have to try that again because this took me about 15minutes.I used bits leftover from my Book of Trees  
This is the first one I tried mixing collage with paint.
I have to wonder why nearly all my mixed media attempts turn out like these mountainous landscapes.  I think this one is waiting for the delivery of Seth Apter's Deep Sea Embossing Powder 
I don't think I mentioned I had these on per-order from the excellent That's Crafty. 
I have no affiliation , It's just I have found them to give excellent service and we know how much I like that.

On another tack if the CEO of Marks and Spencer would like to contact me I could probably solve a lot of his problems.  

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