Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Book of Trees.......

.... is finished for the moment.  This course was  by Roxanne Evans Stout  for the Jeanne Oliver Creative Network  and I have really enjoyed it.  It was good too to be able to apply some of the things I learned from Seth Apter earlier this year, Go check Seth has some new embossing posers coming out in the New Year that look absolutely gorgeous.

But I digress.  I loved the way this opened up Trees as a thought process, so many ways to go. Roxanne suggested that we wrote about trees which had a special meaning for us.  This I did and put them in a safe place where they still are.  I suspect they are in the same place as the leaves me good friend collected for me. So both to be added at a later date.
Here are some pictures just in case the video doesn't work as I've never posted one before.
The cover, it is a combination of pieces I have had for ages and ages. The girls will recognise the sticks made ages ago(Seth inspired)  and the silk piece is from the embellisher days. The actual cover is a piece of bark cloth I acquired at an Embroiderers Guild meeting  and have hoarded ever since. Love it when that happens.

So many textures and  techniques.  My own photographs, digital alteration, painting, gelli plate prints,drawing,collage,  rubber stamping........so many other things I could have done.  Best fun.

I have a smeaking suspicion that a junk journal might be made from the leftovers from this book.

My best wishes for Christmas to everyone. 

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