Monday, June 26, 2017

It was hot.....

...................I am a chilly mortal and love warmth but our little heatwave last week knocked me out.  I did nothing  a little bit of gardening very early in the morning collapsing onto the sofa and reading for the rest of the day. Now thank goodness we are back to normal British summer and can move again.  Yesterday we went to the lovely town of Faversham for the Open Gardens.  We only managed about a third of them but the talking point was the variety and the fact that quite ordinary houses hide amazing spaces. The first one had a wonderful wildflower meadow

 Then there was this tiny little garden  (with a very cosy looking garden room ) crammed full of interest

Another slightly larger garden but still smaller than mine with a lovely summer house which also had a heater for the chillier days.

These three were my favourites, others we saw were too manicured for my tastes. One set of gardens were very interesting and very productive but I didn't get any snaps because they were a bit congested not only with plants but people.  The Gardens belonging to the quite modern houses were small but in addition they had small pieces of land belonging to the local school which they are allowed to use as they see fit as long as  it is tended. the land is on  the other side of a small stream, wish is crossed by a series of small bridges. There was an abundance of vegetable and fruit trees and one even had a chicken house. Hopefully I can go back next year and do better.
Our last visit was the Physic Garden behind an Elizabethan building which originally a grammar school. The garden is being restored and enhanced.  A wonderful tangle of everything.

On the production front very little has happened, I am blaming the weather for what is a massive production slump.

Not producing but I loved these intructions by Mary Corbet of how to open Mill Hill Beads. When we had cats I used to blame them for me getting beads everywhere but I am just as bad without them.


Ms. said...

Heat is sometimes a great impediment to progress, and that's not a bad thing. But if one must just be and not do, that garden is a great place.

Debbie said...

The hot weather knocked me for six as well. We are also visiting other gardens through the Yellow Book scheme, most are beautiful but some have weeds like mine which always makes me happy. Is that mean, no really its just how gardens are when the owners don't get up at six in the morning to make sure they are all spick and span for the day.
But then again what would we do without other peoples gardens to look at. I could never open mine, the flower beds are pretty but at the moment the 'lawn' is brown but usually it is an expanse of weeds with a bit of grass in it.