Monday, December 08, 2014

A cold and frosty morning......

...I took another quick trip to London on Saturday and our wanderings lead us to VV Rouleaux, one of my all time favourite shops.  I would love to be locked in for a week so I could see everything. The outside was entertainment in itself, completely covered in sheep's wool.

Close up
Having been a fan of the Liberty of London tv series we went to have a look at the Christmas windows

 I thought this would make teatime exciting

 and of course just a tiny peek inside.

 It was only possible to squeeze into the Christmas shop for a few moments.
but we would have liked to take these two home with us.

There are always beautiful flower outside and these did not disappoint.


Margaret said...

A feast for the senses -- especially the eyes. I'm blown away by even the idea of a building clothed in fleece! As for the first photo, I am thinking it would make a wonderful fabric...sliced up and inserted into landscapes, or quilted whole-cloth.

Susanne said...

I love Rouleaux as well - its just a an Aladdin's cave.