Thursday, November 27, 2014

Disappointment and delight..........

Yesterday, a remarkably murky day even for London in November, I went to visit the  Finch exhibition at Anthropologie in the Kings Road, Chelsea.  The display was confined to one small room

and two windows,

 This mas me smile.

  Because of all the publicity it has had I think I was expecting a much larger exhibition so I left feeling vaguely disappointed.

I hopped on a bus to Harrods and found these,  in between the large window displays were these tiny
delights. Who knew what goes on under our feet.

If you click you should get a closer view. The reflections and the snow effect made them quite difficult to photograph and they were set quite high, we commented that they were above child height, which seems a shame.  So much fun and whimsy, massive congratulations to and envy of the people who made them.  I would love to go again.

On another note entirely, I have probably been living inside my head but this morning I found this magazine
Through our Hands,
 it is now on it's third issue and you can read it on line or pay for a pdf copy.
Thanks to Margaret Cooter for the link.

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