Thursday, July 25, 2013


From the four pages of Y to pages and pages of T....too much choice...panic and then, as usual, flipping the pages the word jumped and stuck.  I find it fascinating and I am loving the Craft Barn Alphabet Challenge .  The word is TESSELLATED, my dictionary says "formed in little squares or mosaic work" I have marvelled over the micro mosaics of the Gilbert Collection which are now in the V&A and I have clever friends who make mosaics.  I opted for squares. I made a gelli "landscape" and cut it into 99 pieces.
I now have even more respect for the makers of real mosaics.

Not having any grandchildren of my own I can still imagine the joy this little bundle has brought.
 Welcome Prince George. Image from the Daily Telegraph.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Not only the letter Y but must also use the colour yellow, the Craft Barn Alphabet challenge this week. . Hmmm, my old dictionary only had four pages of the letter Y.  This one jumped out, what on earth does "Yggdrasil" mean? "An ash tree in symbol spiritual oneness of the universe" From a  Scandinavian myth.
Aah. My son has three cats all named after Norse deities.  Haemdall Tyr and Loki
Haemdall and Tyr, this made me realise I don't have a picture of Loki, must remedy that, he is enormous.
I digress.

The fact that is is an Ash tree resonated because of the current threat of Ash dieback.   This tree connects  both life and death. So finally here it is, my tree which looks dead but has deep roots.

I have made the pictures as large as I can, Google seems to have removed the click and enlarge feature, if any one knows if it can be restored please let me know.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Yes, it's that time again, our annual visit to the Tudor Re-creation at Kentwell Hall, we were later than usual and perhaps because it was nearly the end of the season it was slightly disappointing as there didn't seem to be quite the same number of re-enacters but  we still learned things and had fun. The object was to get the boat under the bridge, they did eventually make it.
This remined me of a Vermeer painting.
Our favourite the sewing room and the still room.

 Conversation piece, inside
and outside

This little chap was a delight.
This Angelica towered above us.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Thank you Andy could you please win without giving me a tension headache!
/i have been interested in  a few of the blogs that I follow have been taking part in the Summer of Color challenge.  I didn't really want to join another challenge at the moment but I was fascinated by some of the colour combinations(something I always struggle with), so I decided to try a few of them out, in a forlorn stash busting effort. I went through my various boxes, material, scrim, ribbon, theads, beads etc and then tried to find one of my photographs that could be manipulated to fit the brief.
Here are the first two. Citron Green and Turquoise
 Orange and Hot Pink.
I hope to do some more but you know my butterfly mind......

In my side bar is a link to my Pinterest site, I could'nt work out how to make one of the fancy ones. I succumbed when I realised that they seem to have addressed the problems people had with crediting the original posting.  I have a section for ideas for stasch busting and various techniques, my bookmarks list was getting too long to handle,