Thursday, July 11, 2013


Yes, it's that time again, our annual visit to the Tudor Re-creation at Kentwell Hall, we were later than usual and perhaps because it was nearly the end of the season it was slightly disappointing as there didn't seem to be quite the same number of re-enacters but  we still learned things and had fun. The object was to get the boat under the bridge, they did eventually make it.
This remined me of a Vermeer painting.
Our favourite the sewing room and the still room.

 Conversation piece, inside
and outside

This little chap was a delight.
This Angelica towered above us.


Ms. said...

all of it Vermeer, and just simply lovely.

Margaret said...

Oh how lovely! And yes, several of your photos have a distinct Vermeer quality!

sharon young said...

What a lovely post, Pat and so nice to see peasant costume as well as the gentry dressed up, looks like a diary date for next year.