Friday, October 12, 2012

Ally Pally ......

didn't disappoint this year. It occurred to me as we finished a ghastly journey that it amounted to an annual pilgrimage.

 Good things happened right inside the door.
This magnificent edifice was made to support pieces of unfinished work.  It made me laugh and brought a tear, it was amazing how much work had been put into the pieces, only to be abandoned.

Inside there were two exhibitions that I liked.  One was called Jabberwocky, a joint display by Ann Small and Sue Walton.
 These are some of Ann's little men.
You can see more of Ann's work here and you can see Sue's  here I was so entranced I forgot to photograph her fork fairies.
The other exhibition was by the North East region of the Embroiderer's Guild, named Mining a Golden Seam, "The mining industry and community that has been such a feature of life in the North East: exploring the riches of the earth's strata and geology: our timeless fascination with gold in all its forms."

You can see more pictures here. It was lovely to see Lynda Monk, she was demonstrating on the Art Van Go stand. I bought some beauutiful hand dyed sari ribbon from Dale, they only left Australia on Tuesday and here they were all set up.
Good day, only a year to go.


Margaret said...

A feast for the eyes! I am particularly fascinated with Anne's layering. How wonderful to be able to see the work of these talented artists 'up close and personal'!

Clare Wassermann said...

Oh it looks wonderful as ever. I can't go this year...immobile from a knee operation. Roll on 2013!!!