Monday, August 13, 2012

Pure gold....

For the last two weeks I have cycled, run, jumped and swum.........  Now I must get off the settee and do some exercise.The Olympics are over.

  What a fortnight. From the spectacular Opening Ceremony
until the moment the flame went out.  We shouted in excitment and dashed away tears of joy. We marvelled at unbelievable stamina, strength and grace. We were amazed how quickly we became experts on sports we had never seen before. Medals apart, we won on every level.

One of the fascinations was watching the different reactions to winning and losing. A bronze medal produced sulks in some and smiles of pure joy in others.  A gold was celebrated with theatrical display or quiet pride.

One disappointment was that no one thought to make the Torch Relay Team part of the ceremonies, they did such a good job in all weathers in the ten weeks before the Games started. I hope they receive some form of recognition.
Well done London (and the rest of the country)


Right three weeks to tackle the ironing before the Paralympics begin.


Clare Wassermann said...

Ha you made me smile. I've liked sports that I've never been interested in before...I wonder if I'll watch Rio with as much interest now or will it have worn off by now? Tonight is a bit TV surety of relaxation at 9 to watch highlights. Back to run of the mill stuff I suppose, in which case I might as well not have a telly.xx

sharon young said...

It was amazing, only wish I'seen something live, and so nice to have that feeling of national pride for a change.