Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Disappointing weekend......

Just about recovering from the match.  Don't think it is at all fair to heap all the blame on Wes there were lots of other mistakes.  If that wasn't bad enough we found we had missed the boat on our Wembley tickets so will have to make so with the Fan Day and watch it on TV. 
The other disappointment was the Creative Stitches show at Bluewater.  How can you organise a show with that name and not ensure you have at least one person selling threads. I didn't see so much as a skein of DMC .
So time to turn my hand (and head) to something new.  I have been working on making the backing cloth for "Earth" for some weeks, working on the idea in my head in the meanwhile. Today I have pinned the "spin" in place around the centre ball of  molten rock. It is slightly smaller than Space which is waiting for it's backing. I am still deciding exactly how I want that to happen.

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jude said...

nothing like a good spin