Thursday, May 26, 2011


Annual visit to Prism today.  As I walked down the Duke of Yorks steps I heard military music, now I am a sucker for a brass band and/or soldiers marching especially in London so imagine my delight when I found there was a full scale rehearsal for the Trooping of the Colour taking place. Sorry no sound which was very stirring.

I really enjoyed the exhibition this year, there was a great variety and many pieces I liked very much.  For me the highlight of the day was meeting a delightful lady called Bea Sewell.  We fell into converation admiring the work of Debbie Williams.Unfortunately I cannot find a link for Debbie.

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Later in the conversation  I realised that Bea was responsible for the exhibit which had kept me captivated for a long time.

 No copyright breach intended please advise and image will be removed.
All the samples on this tree are a result of natural dyes and over on the right are the most enchanting little note books which had examples of her natural dyeing experiments.  It's a good job they were tied down or else.....the little pots around the tree held examples of the plants and berries she has used.  The whole experience was a delight,  I hope to see her again at Kentwell which she told me about and which sounds a fascinating and entertaining day out.

I really found this an inspiring exhibtion this year.  Next year they have to ajust their times to fit in with the Olympics, they will be a week later i think and we will have beach volley ball on Horse Guards instead of soldiers....
PS.  When I came out I was going to take a picture of a rather magnificent Stars and Stripes I had noticed but  President Obama must have left Buckingham Palace while I was in the exhibition becasue it had already been taken down. 


Gina said...

I thought it was an excellent show this year and love Debbie's work too. She is a new member.

Anonymous said...

I love the natural dyed fabric on the tree, almost like prayer flags. Sounds like a fabulous exhibition.