Friday, March 25, 2011

Citra solv

Thank you to the people who have commented on my last post.  I really can do no better than point you to the instructional videos on the Citra-solv site just click here. There are others on You Tube.  It is incedibly smelly so it is best used out of doors unless you want your house to smell like a marmalade factory.
 This is the one you want, as they make a lot of other products, but you need the concentrate.

I have read that the older National Geographics give a much stronger effect, it is something to do with the method used for printing  but I was happy with the results I achieved on the current issue. Thank you all for your interest, enjoy.

PS There is a lavender perfumed one as well I believe but that is also out of stock on the Ecohip site.Please note I have no affiliation of any of these companies.

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Clare Wassermann said...

Yes I believe the old NG magazine was printed on clay paper I think