Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lazy bones.....

lying in the sun.....yes we have sunshine, proper warm, clear blue sky sunshine. At the weekend too. What a treat.

I haven't really been lazy, spending most of my time defending my lettuce from the invasion of slimy creatures. Ugh.  I was going to cut one pot and thought "No, I'll leave that another day"  Next day...gone! Ah, the joys of vegetable gadening. 
My other achievment is that I completed my vessel from my day with  Lynda  I loved the whole process of turning a cardboard tube and a piece of felt, through this (please notice the tasteful artistic background)

to this

I have also turned the piece which started out like this.

into this book cover.

I wanted to go to Lynda's two day workshop at Art Van Go in June but unfortunately it clashes with something I haven't mentioned yet.. 

"The Matchgirls".  I have been helping out with the Youth Theatre of the society I have been associated with for 30 odd years.  I retired from "performing" some years ago,or so I thought,  but when I was asked to play a gin soaked old biddy, how could I resist?  "The Matchgirls" is a musical  based on the strike by the workers at the Bryant and May factory in 1888. One of the first time women bnded together to stand up for themselves against their working condition, which for them included the risk of  the horrors of "phossy jaw".     I am putting the costumes together which is going very slowly at the moment and gives me a huge guilt complex if I pick up any other kind of sewing. 

But for now the sun is shining and the garden beckons.  Have a good weekend.


Vicki W said...

Your vessel turned out great! Lot's of texture and great color. You do the coolest things.

Seth said...

Both of these pieces are amazing. I cannot imagine how it was done -- and to me that is the sign of a wonderful work of art!

Unknown said...

Your Vessel looks great Pat!