Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don't mention....

Sat Nav to me!!!   I trusted the *'*^ thing and where did it land me?.......In the middle of a housing estate....where fortunately I found a lovely family just going out to do their Saturday shopping.  Dad said in his lovely Suffolk accent, "Oh no, Love you're miles away".... Great! I was already late,  but he gave me excellent directions and, if by some miracle he ever comes across this, I thank him for getting me where I was supposed to be just the teensy's bit late.......well actually he wasn't the only one...when I overshot my excellent directions, there was the other lovely gentleman,, just setting out for his morning walk, who set me right.  Suffolk is a lovely county, I even saw a beautiful Suffolk Pink cottage and what looked like a Watermill as I flashed by.

Where was I going?  For a lovely day out, taking part in a Transfer Painting on Lutradur with Dijane Cevaal at the invitation of Sandy Marcoux.  I took loads of photographs because Dijane had many examples of her striking work with her but you must go to her site to see these.  These are our papers drying in the sunshine 
and these are some papers made with some of Dijane's wonderful lino cuts.

I have to admit that I was having such a good making papers and listening to the fascinating conversations that I didn't get round to getting my machine out, (watch this space) but I came away so full of ideas.  As per usual  I find it difficult to be "creative" in a workshop environment but I am hoping that the ideas are going to flow when I get into my own room.  Thank you Dijane and Sandy for a good day.

Coming home?  Well, I didn't need my Sat Nav so I did it in 40 minutes less!!!


Genie said...

gladyou got there safely, and had a great time

Jackie said...

A little bird told me you had had a tour of Suffolk.It looks as though you had a worthwhile journey though.
Lovely stuff.

Doreen G said...

Oh the joys of having a Nav man in your car.
I'm with you on workshops I do more at home after than I do in the workshops.