Friday, January 08, 2010

Baby it's cold outside...

I couldn't resist sharing this wonderful picture of the British Isles under snow from NASA. Most of you may have seen in in your newspaper or on TV,  I trust I am not infringing copyright, I just want to keep it, it is so amazing.

We are promised more for tomorrow!  I feel I should be creating all kings of wonndrous things but bed is so inviting in the mornings my usual 6.30 has moved nearer 9a.m.Then breakfast, bird feeding and snow clearing takes us to lunchtime and then there is this jigsaw that my brother sent me and then it is tea time and then a bit of tv and then back to a cosy read in bed. You can tell I am reallt suffering.

My thanks and sympathy the emergency servies and people like my milkman Michael  and paperman Terry who have to go out in it to keep us going.

Remeber this, it has really come into its own this week keeping my knees warm!


Dotti said...

My 6:30 or 7 is now much later for the same reasons. We are used to snow and cold in winter where I live, and I feel really really bad for the people who usually have a more temperate climate. They are really shivering!

Doreen G said...

That is incredible Pat.